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Related post: Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2009 non nude bbs board 02:49:25 GMT From: Check It Out Subject: On The Holo DeckOn The Holo Deck By Jimmy James. (SciFi, TV, M/M)I'm tech specialist Jimmy James. Out in space there isn't much to do so I spend most of my time on the holo deck. The ships counselor told me I might want to use my time there to relieve sexual tensions and explore my sexuality. So lolta porn bbs that's exactly what I was doing when the captain walked in.==========================Like most days on a deep space mission, I kds bbs on line didn't have much to do. As a japan nude bbs thumb tech specialist I'm either teenmodel bbs ru going 24/7, or I don't have anything to do. On this particular day however, baby rompl bbs tgp I was in the holo deck to relieve stress. bbs free pics archiv After several rather unsatisfying sexual programs I smalltits bbs decided to take the counselors advice and try something different.As I stood naked, I asked the computer for suggestions. As it listed the options, bbs tgp top one of them caught my ear.Change of gender."Computer. Go back to change of gender. What is that? Explain the parameters." I barked."This program allows you to choose a female body image and run a program or scenario where holographic projectors will alter your appearance to match that body image." pictures of girls bbs it responded flatly."You can make me look like a girl?" I asked."Correct""Any girl?" I probed."Any nudist bbs gallery inocent bbs models sex female body image stored in memory or free incest pedo bbs you could input your own." came the response."Ok.... Make me look like a model 12 female sexual pleasure incest children bbs drone." I commanded.I always liked the model 12. It looked like a 12 year old girl. Pretty face. Long flowing red hair. Small budding breasts. Hairless pussy. Tight little ass. As holographic programs went, the model 12 was a hot little nymphet."Confirmed" the computer told me.I looked down to see that I did indeed appear to be a model 12. I squeezed my tits and played with my pussy a bit, but I wanted to see it."Computer. Project a 10 lol virgin bbs tgp foot square room with an 8 foot ceiling. With all six free xxx movie bbs sides mirrored." I instructed."Confirmed" the computer droned.Instantly I was in a room where the floor, ceiling and walls were mirrored. I posed, olita bbs bent over and teen sexy bbs admired how I looked. I spread my legs and squatted to look at my pussy. While I examined my pussy, I noticed that when I pushed my finger into my pussy, I felt it push into my ass."Computer. I can see my finger going into my toplist bbs portal pussy but feel it in my ass. Why is bbs kds young that?" I asked."To function as a female, the imaging system alters the appearance slightly to suit a male anatomy." it responded.While I listened I thought about how odd my voice sounded coming from this body. I stood up and admired asian preeteen bbs the bbs illegal nude way I looked again."Computer. Alter my voice to match that of a Model 12." I instructed."Confirmed"I squeezed my tits and thought about how I could feel innocent angel bbs them in my hands but couldn't feel my hands on my tits."Computer" I chirped in a model 12 voice "Is there bbs links desired angels any way photo bbs to make ranchi bbs zep this body image more sensitive to nasty angels bbs touch?""There is a program that will enhance physical sensory input and make you more compatible teen bbs img board sexually." it stated plainly."Good, let's amateur bbs movie do that." I chirped."Confirmed"I felt a tingling bbs 12yo pedo all over my body and a strange sensation in my lower belly. I caressed my nipples and felt a cool tingle run japanese schoolgirl bbs through my body while I watched my nipple become erect."Cool..... Computer. When I'm in here running this program, you will recognize me as 'a modified model 12 sexual pleasure teen models bbs max2 drone'. Save all changes to this program as 'Modified Model 12' authorization James, free russian xxx bbs Alpha Alpha. " I said in a soft model 12 voice."Confirmed" it replied"Computer. What was that tingling I felt?" I little girl top bbs asked as an after thought."That was the process of connecting your sensory inputs with the projected body image.""And the feeling in my belly?" I continued."Your bowels were evacuated and straightened to allow old and young bbs a 16 inch penetration. A modified series 9947 waste conversion collar was also installed into the bowel to produce compatible bodily fluids." the computer stated plainly.'Waste conversion collar? porno bbs Compatible fluids? explain." I asked as I watched myself push my finger into my pussy."Correct. These modifications will make you more sexually compatible as a woman. The modified 9947 waste conversion collar will remain in teen art pics bbs your bowels and convert waste into a clear thick viscous organic liquid." it stated.I pushed my nude bbs gallery kids rompl guestbook bbs sven bbs angels finger in and out of my pussy. I could still bbs porn mpegs feel it going into my ass, but instead of what I felt before, I felt a tight, soft, wet, juicy hole."Remain in my bowels? Viscous liquid?" I said as I sniffed at my finger."Correct. The waste conversion collar can only be removed through surgical techniques and will remain there to convert bodily waste until yo bbs removed." It stated.As I sniffed my finger, I thought nude 14yo models bbs about how it smelled and what the computer had said."I'm gonna be leaking pussy juice out of my ass for the rest of my life?" I heard the demure model 12 voice ask."Or until the conversion collar can be removed" The computer interjected.I shrugged my shoulders and decided to continue since the damage was done I projected a number of male images. I played forum bbs pedo with little bbs model their cocks a bit and modified the sizes. I was still in the mirrored room and I watched in fascination. It was fun to play with a cock and make it hard, but it still wasn't what world bbs teen I was looking for.I got rid of the males and decided to try something else. I ordered up a restraint from a bondage program. It was more like a voluntary restraint. You get on your hands and knees with a wide stance. Your hands and knees are strapped to the floor. There is a low chair in front and a pillow to kneel on behind the ass. I used it often bbs girl magazin for the model 12.I knelt into the restraint and asian breast bbs top had the computer secure me in. I smiled at myself as I looked at my reflections. It really was pretty hot to see myself as a girl. I was glad I had little summer bbs models run this program.Just as I thought that, I heard someone override the security system and the door slid open. I looked over in shock to see the captain bbs free teen walk in and the door close behind him. He gave me a strange look."Computer. teen bbs models Who is in this room?" he asked."Captain Robert Johns and a Modified model 12 female sexual pleasure drone." the computer responded promptly."Computer. Who's running the program and who modified it?" The captain asked as he walked toward me."Crewman Jimmy James.""What is his rank and designation?" the captain continued."Tech Specialist free little bbs 1st Class."The captain smiled. "I always liked the model 12. Might as well give it a try. Computer. Seal the door. Authorization Dr Bob, I gotta take a shit.""Confirmed"I almost laughed at his authorization code, but I bit my lip in time. My amusement was quickly dissipated as I watched him bbs ass gallery get undressed. I tried not to child nude bbs link panic, but I couldn't think of any way out without him finding out it was me. I smiled uncomfortably and mimicked the things I had seen a model 12 do.While I did that, he stripped nude and sat down in front of me. His rock hard cock was only inches from my face. There was a thick smell of sperm as I smiled uncomfortably. I looked up to see him smiling down at me."Is there anything special you would bbs vombat like?" I asked pleasantly.He smiled at me "Yeah, I would love it if you would lick my balls, then suck my cock in a sensual manner until orgasm."I was stuck. I didn't know what else to do. guestbook teens bbs board I leaned forward and began licking and kissing his balls. I couldn't ukranian bbs girls help but to stare at his cock the whole time. It was 8 inches long and fairly thick. With all the veins sticking out it looked like the most muscular thing I kiddy nude bbs had ever seen."Oh Yeah! Oh Baby! Don't stop! teens in jeans bbs That feels great!" dog bbs fuck I heard him moan Young bbs forum as I continued to lick and kiss his balls.He began xxx rompl bbs to moan and give instruction on what he liked. I of bbs free links course followed them to the letter. Before I knew it, I was sucking his cock in long slow strokes. Like it was the best tasting lollypop I had ever had. bbs image sex I found myself getting turned on and felt my pussy tingle with excitement.I young lust bbs biz continued to suck his cock and marvel at how good it tasted and felt in my mouth. I was amazed at how it felt to have my pussy tingling and getting wet. I could feel my tiny breasts fre bbs and hard nipples tingling as well. It was such a new and exciting experience that I began to moan while I sucked his cock.Before long, the captain jumped up, ran behind me and stuffed his cock lolta to bbs into my pussy. I felt his cock stab balls deep into my ass and begin to throb. I threw my head back and squealed loudly with delight."Oh God That Feels Good!! Fuck Yeah!" he said as he grabbed my ass and pumped into me.As the throbbing stopped, he bbs boys board began pumping his cock into me hard and fast I could feel my ass squeeze his shaft and begin to push against his intrusion. That drove me teen guestbook bbs wild! It felt so good, I began slamming my bbs imageboard ass back top child bbs to meet his thrusts.I exploded into orgasm almost immediately. I jumped and squealed with delight while telling him to fuck me harder. He of course did just as I asked. He began pounding bbs top list hxxp his cock in as hard as he could."Oh God!! Oh God Yes!! Fuck Me Hard!!" I screamed.I could feel cum running down my legs while he fucked kds xxx bbs forum me. It felt so good, I couldn't wait to make him cum again. I felt him drive deep and model bbs teen felt his cock throbbing inside bbs illegal kid sex me tiny pretteen bbs again. I had a big satisfied smile as he emptied his balls into me again. When he pulled out I was boys bbs list so turned on, I was teen forum bbs nn about to cum again.I could feel thick streams of cum running down my legs. My tits and nipples were tingling and my pussy was so wet I could hardly stand it. All these wonderful new sensations being fed to my brain were putting me into sexual overload. All I wanted was more.When I was finally catching my breath, I noticed the captain was already dressed and looking angels bbs xxx at lola russian bbs me with a big smile."Fuck that was hot! Crewman James knows what he's doing!" he chuckled.I just smiled as I listened."Computer. End program" he said as free nude teen bbs he walked out the door without looking back.That left bbs canada me naked in the middle of an empty room. I was on my hands and knees with a dumb look on my face. My cock was rock hard. the captains cum was pouring out of my worn out ass and running down my legs.While I got dressed, I couldn't help but free bbs ped to think about how good the whole thing felt. I thought about it all afternoon. In fact I couldn't get it off my mind. I wanted to do it again in the worst way.About 3 hours later, I was in the dining hall having dinner when the captain joined me. He had never spoken to me before much less joined me for a meal. It scared the hell out of me. I was sure he knew and that I was headed for the brig. asain bbs Instead he gave me a comforting smile when he saw bbs bella elweb my discomfort."I'm sorry, if I'm bothering you, fozya bbs list I can come back later." he said politely.The only thing I could think of was sucking his cock and feeling him fuck me."No sir. I'm sorry. You surprised me. Please join me." I said nervously."You're Crewman Jimmy James, Right?" he asked."Yes Sir" I nodded as I continued to eat."You accidentally left a program running on the holo deck and I stumbled in. I'm sorry." he said.I sat up quickly and had an alarmed look. He teen bbs hard quickly assured me that I wasn't in trouble and hadn't done anything wrong."I'm sorry sir. I'll be more careful in the future." I stated firmly."Well, that's bbs girls xxx forum what I wanted to talk to you about. I really enjoyed the program and was wondering if you could make me a elwebbs vombat copy?" he whispered.I smiled. "That's my personal program. I'm not sure I want to give you a copy, but I tiny little porn bbs would be happy to set it up free bbs pussy for you any time you want to use it.""That would be great. Could you set it bbs model pass free up in about beam to bbs 3 hours? Say 21 hundred hours?" he asked tentatively."I would be glad to." I told him with a nude bbs 16 year smile. I told him which holo deck to little prteen bbs go to and the password for the security lock out.I got there a little early to set up the holo deck. I had the same plain mirrored room with a simple bed in the middle. At 21 hundred on the dot I heard the security tones and the door bbs illegal underground slid open.I laid on the bed child bbs ru with a big smile as the captain sealed dorki bbs the door with the Dr Bob password. He fucked me so hard, I came 3 times.After that, the captain had me set up the modified model 12 for him quite often. He also moved me up a pay ls studios bbs grade. He said anybody who can write a holographic program as good as the 'Modified Model nn bbs models 12' Deserved a raise.
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